Días después de publicarse la versión 1.0.0 de RetroArch, el popular emulador de multisistema capaz de cargar roms de FBA, SNES9x Next, VBA Next, FCEUmm, Gambatte, Genesis Plus GX y prBoom, ya está disponible la versión

Está disponible para Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Wii, PS3 y Xbox.


Core changes

  • Mupen64
    • Fix audio float overflow bugs – fixes Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer, Tsumi to Batsu/Sin and Punishment (on PC)
    • (iOS) Added hack to assem_arm.c’s “verify_dirty” return function to make GoldenEye work
    • Alternate controls work differently now – you start with Original controls – press ‘Select’ to toggle ‘Alternate Controls’
    • (Core) Added MusyX ucode for RSP HLE – fixes sound in these games – affects games like Hydro Thunder, Gauntlet Legends, Biohazard 2/Resident Evil 2, etc. Graphics in Resident Evil 2 still messed up though with RSP HLE – change to CXD4 RSP for now to render the graphics accurately.
    • (Core) Other incidental changes.
    • (Core) Some preliminary work on getting graphics to show up in Conker’s Bad Fur Day for glN64
  • FCEUmm
    • Memory leaks and other bugfixes courtesy of Alcaro
    • Platform changes


  • Custom input binds should work now again
  • Re-added old overlays – some people complained that the new normalized overlays had an impact on performance
  • Uploaded x86 version too to the Play Store


  • Now should find cores directory out of the box
  • Some under-the-hood changes with regards to keyboard input that end-users won’t notice much of for now


  • Reimplemented BTStack controls – it is still very bug-prone though.
  • New icon
  • Re-added old overlays

Xbox 1

  • New input Settings option – Analog to D-pad mapping
  • FBA Cores should work again due to the switch from miniz to zlib
  • (CURRENTLY BROKEN) – Custom Aspect Ratio – this will be fixed later


  • Input changes courtesy of Jacobeian – MIGHT finally fix long-standing input bugs
  • FBA Full should work again
  • New Input Settings option – Analog to D-pad mapping


  • Added core info files – forgot to add them in v1.0.0.0 which made the Detect Core functionality not show up
  • Overlays should work now – these will play a big role in future versions
  • Menu controls now honor the ‘O Button Behavior’ from your PS3′S System Settings
  • (CURRENTLY BROKEN) – Analog to D-pad mappingr