Se acaba de publicar la versión 0.9.6 de PPSSPP, el emulador de PSP multisistema (actualizadas a la última versión, por ahora solo Windows, Android y Symbian).


  • Large general speed improvements and assorted bug fixes
  • «Software Skinning» option which speeds up many games with animated 3D characters
  • (but may slow down a few, like Monster Hunter – experiment with turning it off)
  • Various fixes around stencil/alpha, reducing glow problems in Wipeout and Gods Eater Burst.
  • Timing improvements making more games run at the correct FPS, also fixing some audio issues
  • More debugger features
  • Better looking and individually resizable touch controls
  • Automatic install of games from ZIP files, like demos and many homebrew.
  • Software renderer improvements
  • VERY basic ad-hoc online play support, to be improved in future versions.
  • And more…

Aquí un video de Wipeout en esta versión:

Descarga: PPSSPP.