Acaba de publicarse la versión 1.4 de MAMEoXtras, port del popular emulador MAME para la Xbox original.

Estos son los cambios con respecto a la versión 1.3:

  • Fixed screenshot position
  • Fixed genre/version info
  • Updated VM.TXT file
  • Virtual memory – practically everything that runs in MAME/Windows should run on MAMEoX now
  • MAME 0.84 sources merged
  • Lightguns should work pretty well now
  • Fixed Namco System 1 bug
  • Fixed bug with DigDug, Xevious, Bosconian
  • All cleanup activity is now skipped when exiting a game and the launcher is simply reloaded. This should fix most of the freezing issues during exit.
  • Fixed input mapping bug where changes made to game-specific mappings were being applied to the primary default configuration file.