El Team Xecuter ha publicado la versión 0.3 beta 1 de J-Runner, aplicación todo en uno para Windows que facilita enormemente el hackeo de Xbox 360.


  • changed GUI
  • changed filemove point
  • added support for new dashlaunch / XeBuild
  • added latest Xell (some issues for hitachi drive owners – not J-Runners fault)
  • added 16537 dash
  • added XVal
  • added Secdata full output for loaded decrypted nand
  • added get latest system update (straight from M$ – is that wrong?????)
  • added some new settings related to file moving and cpu key db (read the userguide)
  • added xsvf LPT support for XP Users
  • added new ECC files for RGX
  • added default.xex for updateserver use (new Xebuild features Update and Client – read their changelog)
  • some minor bugfixes
  • some minor bug additions (probably)

Descarga: J-Runner.