Orion ha publicado la versión 2.92 de GameSonic Manager, su gestor de copias de seguridad para las Playstation 3 con Custom Firmware.


  • Added a new Plugin Installer in the manager.
  • Self-generation of file «boot_plugins.txt» with plugin paths already written.
  • Plugins which may be installed are webman MOD developer Matsumoto & habibplugin
  • If you’re not on CFW cobra and the manager detects Prx Loader, the plugin you will install webman to work with Prx Loader.
  • Now the dev_ps3ita will not be disassembled on CFW 4. XX DEX
  • Retroarch is no longer included, gamesonic manager is a backup manager for ps3 games (ps1-ps2-psp) and must do this job, so I will not longer, also saw that there is no good way to implement it.