GameSonic ha publicado la versión 1.05 de GameSonic Manager, su propio lanzador de copias de seguridad para las Playstation 3 con Custom Firmware.

Está basado en PS3Ita Manager, que a su vez parte del Iris Manager de Estwald.


  1. Completely built from the source code of Ps3Ita Manager 1:51 (thank the team ps3ita)
  2. Full Discless for CFW 3.55-4.30-4.46-4.50
  3. Full support for all cfw 4:21 to 4:50 is that CEX DEX
  4. Updated fan control utility to 2:01
  5. Added by Iris Manager GUI Icons
  6. Control fan set to Disable by default it will be up to users whether to enable the payload or not
  7. Full support for all games PS3/PS1
  8. Added support for devices and NTFS boot iso from these units
  9. Added full support for cfw cobra
  10. Detection of games in GAMEZ folder-GAMES
  11. Remapping keys like the one made by Aldo Vargas in his dev manager
  12. Updated AppId to GMAN
  13. Holding down R2 or L2 while you start the program you will enter directly in File Manager mode without scanning to begin the games.
  14. Added progress bar while the games are being scanned.
  15. Disabling re-scan of the games when you exit the File Manager.
  16. Added option to disable the loading of the payload for the Fan Control Utility.
  17. Changed the colors, table set-point temperature, some labels, etc. ..
  18. See thumbnail images on the File Manager (in jpeg and png).
  19. Added support for ISO splittate (ISO.0, ISO.1 .. in uppercase) to the File Manager.
  20. Custom FTP commands (SITE SHUTDOWN, REBOOT SITE).