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libcross2d 1.1

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A c++ cross platform 2d graphic, input, audio and config library


  • run on Windows, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita
  • draw textures, rectangles, circles, texts (TrueType) and more
  • basic tween engine (move, rotate, scale, color)
  • clock/timer classes
  • configuration file handling
  • pack your application (zip) for release on any target, including resources (data/common)
  • quickly prototype your application on desktop (Linux and Windows)
  • use hardware acceleration on Linux, Windows, Switch, 3DS and PS Vita
  • use some of the great sfml library stuff (fonts, shapes, matrices)
  • use tweeny for the (minimal) tween engine
  • use some of the great libretro shaders (Linux, Switch)
  • use some citro2d code for the 3ds renderer
  • use some vita2d code for the vita renderer
  • use libconfig for the configuration classes
  • preliminary developed for my own use, still a work in progress

by Cpasjuste.

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