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The idevicerestore tool allows to restore firmware files to iOS devices.

It is a full reimplementation of all granular steps which are performed during restore of a firmware to a device.

In general, upgrades and downgrades are possible, however subject to availability of SHSH blobs from Apple for signing the firmare files.

To restore a device to some firmware, simply run the following:

$ sudo idevicerestore -l

This will download and restore a device to the latest firmware available.


Development Packages of:

  •   libimobiledevice
  •   libirecovery
  •   libusbmuxd
  •   libplist
  •   libzip
  •   openssl


  •   usbmuxd
  •   make
  •   autoheader
  •   automake
  •   autoconf
  •   libtool
  •   pkg-config
  •   gcc


To compile run:

  sudo make install


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