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HvxDump 1.3

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This is a small app that will dump a bunch of things from a devkit:

  •  - Fuse lines
  •  - 1bl rom
  •  - Keyvault
  •  - Bootloaders
  •  - Smc code
  •  - Extended/secdata.bin

And some other stuff. This app runs on every kernel from 11164.3 and up. It is ridiculous that I am actually releasing this app as most people will only use it to get their cpu key, and the cpu key on a devkit is 100% useless. I am releasing this because a few assholes decided it would be a cool idea to sell this and trade it for recoveries. Itís fucking ridiculous that people do this kind of shit. Stop leaking shit and go learn something for once you fucking assholes.


  •  - Sonic-Iso
  •  - Avalaunch
  •  - Xenon.7
  •  - UnknownV2
  •  - Anthony

Fucks and Ducks

The following people are known leakers and should not be trusted:

  •  - Dabman
  •  - Baconbytes

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