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DemoN NandSwitcher 1.0.0

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Users who have a demon can now toggle their nands without getting up. This solution works after the console  has glitched and the bootanimation has played. For this reason this solution is more pleasant to use on a  console that glitches super fast, for example the CR3 Pro (Slim) or our brand new hack for phats - R-JTAG  (more on that later....) 

Technical Details:

  • - XEX file is launched.
  • - UART command is issued to inform demon of the nand switching intentions.
  • - Console is issued a clean shutdown command.
  • - DemoN uses X8 to detect console is off.
  • - DemoN toggles nand, clears smc and boots console.
  • - Once the user is done playing on the console and shuts it down Demon takes over again.
  • - DemoN again uses X8 to detect console is off.
  • - DemoN toggles nand, clears smc and leaves console off.

DemoN Requirements:

For proper operation, X8 needs to be soldered to 3V3 non-standby.

  • - Kiosk pin (x7) needs to be soldered to the kiosk pin on the console.
  • - DemoN needs to be updated to the latest firmware v1.04

How to Use:

  1. Install Demon as normal with the additional requirements of X8 being installed.
  2. Transfer the XEX to the console.
  3. Setup the xex file as a quick launch entry in launch.ini. Example: BUT_X = hdd:\Apps\NandSwitcher.xex
  4. Boot console and hold the quick launch button you used.

Thanks to TB, BioHazard, cOz, NatelX and the rest of the DemoN dev team.

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