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Xbox Ripper 1.0.5

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* Xbox ISO image creation.
* Full writing engine to burn the ISO
* One click Rip, Build ISO and Burn
* Splash screen enhanced
* Terrabytes added to drive info
* Auto update working with no user interaction required
* Help file showing right click layout
* CD or DVD burning for any ISO size (including ones made with other programs)
* Readme Updates!:) (Help files are still out of date)

Missing: Languages. Sorry, its a little too much to do at the moment.


* Macedonian Language Added (thanks to Emi xXx)
* Splash screen introduced - one time showing
* More enhancements to the writing engine but still not working... yet:)
* Visually Enhanced, slightly larger window
* Lots of minor modifications to the code, way too many to list!


* Burn option added, not fully functioning (XBox doesn't recognize discs - Must have Nero 6 to use)
* Additional info added to the auto update
* Minor bug fixed choosing Drive F: on the first combo box.. due to the addition of languages.
* Added version information to the main title bar
* French language added  (Many thanks to El Barto)
* Dutch language added (Many thanks to XBOX War3z)
* Macedonian language translation underway (Thanks to Emi {xXx})
* German language added 
* Spanish language added
* Italian language added
* Minor cosmetic enhancements
* Selection box added to the PC Path field
* Options form added
* Get Disc Size is also underway, just got to get my head round the code!


* Amended the help file, forgot to add into the first release
* Error thrown if no directory existed to place files, now shows a more informative message
* Updated tooltip info
* Now rips files from the drive C, D, E, F and G with optional path (Ability to back up H/D)
* Changed installer routine to work on a some problem Win 2000 machine
* Sorted out the tab order
* Smaller overall file size (2.43MB)
* Manually adjust the timeout setting for problem discs
* Check for updates feature, downloads updates, user installs.
* Sorted out a problem with large HDD's and showing space free. (Dimensioned as Integer, not a Long Integer)
* Provisional support for additional languages, code is there but no translation as yet.
* Disabled buttons and menus while busy, could have caused a crash.


* Private version, checking timeout settings


* First release

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