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L4T Ubuntu for Switch 1.1

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Port para Switch de la distribución Ubuntu 18.04 LTS de Linux.

How to install :

  • Download the image below and extract it.
  • Copy it to your sdcard using a program such as Etcher.
  • Start hekate and select L4T from the configs menu.
  • Wait about 2 to 4 minutes during the initial loading.
  • Go through the installation process - make sure you do not dock the console during this time.
  • Once the initial installation is complete and you are on the login screen, it is recommended to restart
  • Press and hold the on / off button for 10 seconds.
  • Load again hekate and select L4T as payload.
  • Log in and open the "Disks" app
  • Select the second partition of your sdcard and click on the speed icon
  • Choose Resize and change the size according to the available space.
  • Enjoy, you now have complete Ubuntu on your Switch! 


  • The joycons do not work when they are connected to the console
  • Dock docking while an ssh session is open may prevent the display from turning off properly.
  • No sleep mode
  • USB OTG - works well in dock mode although Vulkan is buggy in Dolphin

by Team Switchroot.

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