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M3 Sakura 1.49X 3rd Edition

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M3 Sakura is a loader for the M3 Real and M3i Zero flashcarts. 

TouchPod 4.9 is included.


Copy the SYSTEM folder to the root of your MicroSD card.  That's pretty much it!  

M3 Sakura language file translators:

  • - messages.000    English        By Densetsu3000
  • - messages.001    French        Revised by A-suuga
  • - messages.002    German        Revised by powered_by_tux and Zerrix
  • - messages.003    Italian         By dragonball75, gosp and pesi
  • - messages.004    Spanish        Revised by Nagaroth and GaciX 69
  • - messages.005    Portuguese    By Denison Guizelini and Axel-MaV
  • - messages.006    Dutch        Revised by Grovyle91

by Densetsu3000.

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