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GBT Player 3.0.6

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Music player library and converter kit for Game Boy that can be used with RGBDS.


GBT Player is a music creation environment for GB and GBC. It is composed by mod2gbt, which converts a mod file into a gbt (GameBoy Tracker) file, and GBT Player, which will be used to play that song in the GB. It's the same idea as the old Lemon player, but greatly improved. Because of this workflow, there are a lot of limitations that the GB doesn't impose, but that are needed so that the mod file and the result on the GB are similar.

GBT Player is writen in 100% assembly. That means that it is fast, it won't need a lot of CPU time (around 7%?), and you will have a lot of time for your game logic. There is source code for RGBDS, the main option for Game Boy development (in my opinion). There is also legacy code for an old version that also supported GBDK, but it's mostly unmaintained.

mod2gbt is writen in C, and should compile anywhere.

GBT Player is open source, and it is licensed under the BSD license. That means that you can use and modify it but you have to give credit for the original work. It would be nice to you tell me if you use it, anyway. :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Version 1.x.x converted songs won't work with player version 2.0.0 or higher. The same happens with 2.x.x and version 3.0.0. They have to be converted again.

How to compile the example

Compile mod2gbt. In Windows you can use a command line like:

gcc -o mod2gbt.exe mod2gbt

A bash script for Linux has been included in case you are feeling lazy.

Put rgbasm, rgbfix and rgblink in the gbt-player folder and double click the bat/sh file in the rbgds_example folder. A compiled GB binary is included.

Copyright (C) 2009-2018 Antonio Niño Díaz.

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