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emuiibo 0.3

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Virtual amiibo (amiibo emulation) system for Nintendo Switch, no longer requiring dumps :)


  • Download the latest release and place it on your CFW's titles folder (so it would be like <cfw>/titles/0100000000000352).
  • According to tests, should work on any CFW which allows NSP sysmodules (Atmosphere, ReiNX).
  • You also have to set the boot2 flag, whose location depends on the CFW:
  • Atmosphere: create a file named boot2.flag inside titles/0100000000000352/flags directory.
  • ReiNX: create a file named boot2.flag inside titles/0100000000000352 directory.


All the input combos are performed with R-Stick pressing and pressing the D-pad in an specific direction (at the same time). Combos must (should) be done before or after the game starts looking for amiibos.

  • Toggle amiibo emulation: Press R-Stick (like it was a button) and also pressing the D-pad up. Toggles/untoggles emulation.
  • Toggle amiibo emulation once: Same as above, but pressing the D-pad right. Toggles emulation once, after emulating an amiibo then it will untoggle automatically.
  • Untoggle amiibo emulation: Same as above, but pressing the D-pad down. Untoggles amiibo emulation, and should be used as a way to fully ensure it is untoggled, in case you don't know whether it's toggled or not.
  • Swap amiibo: Same as above, but pressing the D-pad left. Moves to the next amiibo in the amiibo directory, if last one starts again with the first one. Only has effect if amiibo emulation is toggled.

Emuiibo's amiibo directory is sd:/emuiibo. Place your amiibo dumps (must be *.bin files) there.

Amiibo emulation

Emuiibo gets amiibo's data, but the register info (amiibo name, write dates, mii) is auto-generated, as it isn't present on amiibo dumps:

Name will be the file's name (Amiibo.bin -> Amiibo), but if the name is bigger than 10 chars it will be hardcoded to Emuiibo.

Write date is hardcoded to 15th June 2019.

The amiibo's mii (owner) is hardcoded to the first mii found in the console mii database.

Amiibo dumps

Dumps consist on *.bin files, which must be 540 bytes (perhaps even more?). They can be dumped with several tools.

For developers

This MitM process also hosts a custom service, nfp:emu, which can be used to control amiibo swapping and emulation by IPC.

You have an implementation for C/C++ and libnx in here.


All the persons who contributed to the nfp-mitm project before me: Subv, ogniK, averne, spx01, SciresM

libstratosphere libraries (SciresM again)



Que novedades incluye la versión 0.3


  • Emuiibo has been fully rewritten, what involves several changes:
    • Amiibo moves should be faster now since on previous versions the amiibo dir would be re-scanned (thus iterated over every amiibo) each time user moved to the next amiibo.
    • Amiibo structure and filesystem layout have changed to a WAY more proper one. (see below)
  • New amiibo structure - dumps no longer required!
    • The only relevant part of an amiibo is its unique ID (the rest can be emulated), thus having online databases of this IDs, dumps are useless, but still supported ;)
    • Amiibos go now inside /emuiibo/amiibo/ for a better directory layout. Don't worry about backwards compatibility. (see below)
    • Amiibos can be placed inside /emuiibo/amiibo// to be only used in that specific game. Amiibos outside those directories will be used on any game.
    • Backwards compatibility for any kind of amiibo, considering that 3 types exist: single dumps, 0.2.x format and the new 0.3+ format
  • Say hello to a new tool to create virtual amiibos easily - emuGUIibo!
    • Made using Windows Forms, so should be supported by Mono
    • Accesses a full amiibo list from an online API, so the user just has to select an amiibo and customize it!
    • Amiibos are generated on the user-specified directory. If a drive with /emuiibo directory is detected, emuGUIibo will assume it's a console's SD card and default (but not force) that path.
  • (Probably developer only) nfp:emu service changes:
    • Commands were renamed and reordered, so make sure you update your implementation.
    • Added new command to get emuiibo version by 3 integers (major.minor.micro)

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