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PS4 Homebrew Store Alpha

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  • Download and install the applications you want to add
  • Integrated update system, no need to reinstall PKG Store at every update
  • Optimized for slow networks
  • Software libraries created by hand
  • Light PKG size about 10 MB
  • Default hard drive download cache
  • When you are at the main menu O go to the previous page
  • INI backup system with native floating keyboard
  • Possibility of uninstalling applications directly from the Store DL page  


  • Indicates whether your INI is loaded from an application or USB device.
  • Temporary path - Select your temporary download path
  • CDN URL - Host your own personalized CDN using the published guide or use the CDN from
  • Background path - Choose your own custom background PNGs ONLY, the background must be 1280 x 720
  • Load INI from USB or APP
  • APP INI path - /user/app/NPXS39041/settings.ini
  • USB INI path - /mnt/usb0/settings.ini
  • USB INI copy to APP every time APP is launched
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Simple to implement



Que novedades incluye la versión Alpha   See changelog


  • - [Settings] Now when you change Temp. path it will try to create the folder or see if it exsists
  • - [Settings] if Temp Path is invild it will show you a message and change to default path
  • - Game DL Page also checks Temp. Path before Download
  • - Added black bk to every Main Menu Pics
  • - New Navbar added to gamedl page WITH new cords
  • - Background FTP
  • - Remote PKG installation via FTP
  • - White Box outline UI
  • - upon Download 1 Buzzer beep and Blinking light
  • - Upon Cancel or Finish download white LED reset
  • - Added the Following Options
  • 1. Fan Control
  • 2. Game Explorer
  • 3. Page Selector
  • - Fixed Page selector Bug
  • - Main Menu Title and Author text limit changed to 10 and 11 characters
  • - Game Explorer
  • 1. See installed games
  • 2. see Title id
  • 3. see Game details
  • 4. see amount of installed Games
  • 5. see game Splashs
  • - Added Support for 512x512 icons
  • - now Main Menu and Game DL Page can both use the same 512x512 icon0.png with Backwards Comp.
  • - New Navbar
  • - Uninstalled Button on DL page moved from Sqaure to Triangle
  • - Page Selector has NUM Pad instead of Keyboard
  • - Code Cleaned to improve load times
  • - CDNs no longer need to put size as the App calcs the size for you
  • - **BETA ONLY** Added beta tester message and Add. Details
  • - Search Func now reloads the prev. page you were on instead of just page 1
  • - Added in Settings ability to Turn on and Off Beeps/light on DL
  • - changed Main Menu names and author character limits to 8 and 9
  • - On Startup App now re-downloads store background, the first 8 main menu app icons AND navbar
  • - added (after BG error) "Re-Download Main Menu Icons" loading dialog on Start Up
  • - added a 20 Character Limit to DL page Author names
  • - Added Beep/Light ini settings in the DKS Test build pre-app startup msg
  • - Added "Saving settings" loading dialog unpon saving settings
  • - DL Page Selector changed
  • -Store Logs go to
  • /user/app/NPXS39041/logs/Store_Logs.txt
  • -ALL Search Query Game Icons are now Cached and Stored as
  • NAME.png.search-cache
  • -ok messages and fatal messages are now included in the Logs
  • - Added DL button BG to Gray
  • - Added advanced Download Data to klog and Store_Logs
  • - Added Log CheckSize, Once it reachs 1 => GiB it will delete the Log
  • - Forcefully draws User BGs as 1280x720 (Includes a Warning if pic is NOT 1280x720)


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