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RCMloader One Firmware 1.2

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Firmware para el dongle RCMloader One.


  • The ability to disable the payload change function in case of low battery, to avoid damaging the files of the USB key.
  • The change of the method of detecting the state of charge of the battery.
  • The LED will flash when the USB flash drive reads and writes.
  • The update of the instructions for updating the firmware


  1. Download the firmware file 
  2. Unzip the firmware file.
  3. Connect the RCMloader to your computer via the MicroUSB cable.
  4. Copy the IAP folder to the root of the USB flash drive. the file like this, USB DRIVE: \ IAP \ FIRMWARE.BIN.
  5. Disconnect the MicroUSB cable.
  6. Reconnect the MicroUSB cable, the RCMloader will automatically upgrade in 3 seconds, then the IAP folder in USB DRIVE should be automatically removed.

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