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CFW Power Options 1.0.6

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Power Options for all CFW.

Should work universally on all CFW.

Before anyone asks, no it wont work on HAN OFW.

Adds options for rebooting, rebuilding database etc. Also installs a Reload XMB pkg and Boot otherOS pkg to dev_hdd0/packages/, install those if you want those features on the menu.

Also this calls the poweroff plugin in a different way, so it does not ask for confirmation (thanks esc0rtd3w for the tip)

Optional: After installing this, you will find a new Reload XMB package in your package manager, install that if you want the reload XMB icon to show inside the power options menu at the top.

Optional: After installing this you will find a Boot OtherOS pkg in your package manager, install that if you want that to show at the bottom of the Advanced power options menu.

Thanks to Mysis fro the xai plugin, @kozarovv for the installer and reload xmb app, and thanks to @Bobby_Downgrades for the original idea.

by DevlL303.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.6


  • Added option for NAND recovery mode from v1.05 as official function, remove strviewer_plugin.rco to enable this feature.
  • Add Disable (without confirmation) and restart Soft on the login screen of the user.
  • The installer is now a package that installs the files directly on dev_flash. Therefore, dev_blind must be mounted before installation.
  • It weighs only 330kb which is reduced by about 60%. It could also be included on dev_flash in rebug / packages / if you wish.