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XDVDMulleter 10.2 beta

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Welcome to another exciting installment of XDVDMulleter!                          

XDVDMulleter Beta 10 - the 'I can't be bothered to implement the stuff I haven't done yet' edition

Done in 10.2:

  • Fixed CRC check for games not in database

Done since XDVDMulleter Beta 9.7:

  • xbox 1 stuff works properly again
  • ISO stealth checking stuff is cached for better performance and code cleanup
  • Fixes video and pfi based on SS details
  • More user friendly prompts and errors
  • Half implemented debug output (yeah, i got bored and didnt finish it)
  • New ss validation check for bad SS file (thanks to liquidsky)
  • Offer to fix ss on games with known ss but no known ini for that SS
  • Check ini file exists before crc check
  • Rip inis to different folder than dled folder (to avoid weird confusions)
  • Multiple database sources possible in case main site goes down.

How to make your site host the XDVDMulleter database:


  • Database format is deliciously simple. Copy all Ini files, put them in folder. Whatever the web address is of that folder, that is the INI database url..
  • Copy all stealth files, put them in folder also (same or different, you decide). The address of that is the stealth URL.

Any questions, #fw or #stealth360 on efnet

Probably more fixed, changed etc than I can remember. But its mostly the same, just nicer. Autofix is a lot lovelier now. Most of the stuff I really wanted to implement I lost motivation to finish, so it will most likely be in the next version. If someone wants to attempt a mono port before I get around to it (for linux/multi platform support) please contact me at the channels mentioned above, It should be pretty simple, but if possible id like to keep the codebase the same, which will require a whole load of #defines.

Thanks to all the people in the 360 scene, all the people in #mullets, and all the people testing, debugging and submitting bug reports for mulleter. 

And now to name people by name so they dont complain at me like in the last release:

Thanks to: Gdogg, OEP, n8, brain, dcman, vinnyp, mrh, frito, ramp, finn, zylon, iceberg and jrx
Also thanks to: Man1fest, Tone, Schtrom, Redline99, Iriez and xbins, liquidsky, Devils360 and of course c4eva.

And a few more thanks to the people on xboxhacker doing the real hard work :)

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