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Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.3

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* Requirements *

- A Hacked Xbox 360 (JTAG/RGH or similar)
- A nand dump to write or just enough space to save your nanddump on whatever device you use this app on

* What it does *

- It'll flash your motherboards nand with the supplied image (updflash.bin) using rawflash v4 or rawflash4g v1
- It'll dump your motherboards nand with to flashdmp.bin using rawdump v1 or rawdump4g v1

* Credits *

- cOz Thanks for all the help you constantly give me with just about everything, and thanks for rawflash! :D
- Thanks to xvistaman for helping me solve that one last error i had with corona4g writes! i owe you ;)
- Thanks to everyone that has helped me test it!: Jonblu @ Consoleopen, Sileandro and Razkar And others that i don't know the name of...
- Thanks also goes to who ever it was that ported rawflash to SDK in the first place and making it open source!
- Thanks also to everyone that reports bugs and/or errors in ALL my apps :)

* Future features *

 - Cpukey retreival:
I'm working on getting this to work, it's not present in the current source code, but i've got a few things to work with that will hopefully make this possible aswell, it might not work with all dashboard versions etc. but atleast the current ones ;) it's probably going to take a while before you see this feature, but have no fear, it'll come eventually ;)

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.3


  •  Added: Auto/Manual mode, it can now do things straight away rather then waiting for user input...
  •  Added: CPUKey Extraction this is done before it asks what to do, or even reads automode files...
  •  Added: It'll display the currently running dashboard version for you (Useful when dumping/updating to see what's running atm)
  •  Fixed: Output log will nolonger include anything that starts with "\r" meaning anything that reports status...
  •  Changed: Changed the text color to gold (0xFFFFD700)
  •  Changed: Font size is now smaller, and i've changed the font from Verdana to X360 by Redge
  •  Changed: The console will now hard-reset itself rather then power off (same way as a normal Xbox 360 update do)
  •  Changed: It'll now clear the screen before it starts reading/writing, giving you a more clear picture of what's going on ;)

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