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HFW 4.84.2

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Today, we proudly present the very first modified OFW that can be installed on all PS3 models. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FULL BLOWN CFW, HOWEVER IT Allows you to run the patched webkit exploit that's ported to 4.84)

Yes, you didn't hear wrong, it can be installed over 

  • ALL OFW versions on ALL PS3 models
    • ex) OFW 4.83, 4.84 , CECH-3XXX, CECH-4XXX and etc..

We wanted this to be called "HHHFW" since it was Hybrid, Hack-able, HAN ready also inspired by @habib but let's call it HFW since this is Hybrid FW (Well you can call this MFW).

The idea was reminded by some guy who didn't want to be annoying but actually ended up being helpful: @ psx-place.com

Habib had this idea long time ago but the previous attempt was not successful due to lack of interest and preparation.

As you all know, I recently started messing with my PS3 again and this idea was brought back.

So then I went ahead and tried his magical idea.... after a few hours later... Boom!!, now we have HFW that works on all PS3 models (including 3K and 4K) that allows the previously patched exploit by using old webkit from 4.50 that's been used until 4.83. This method is rather hacky than technical, so I would like to leave this method under the radar for now until it gets patched out (this can easily be patched).

What can you do with this HFW 4.84.1/2?

  1. You can use PSN since the FW is the latest.
  2. You can downgrade/Install CFW on your PS3 if your model is downgrade-able/hack-able (excluding CECH-3K and 4K) (The same capability as what you had for 4.82 OFW)
  3. You can use HAN and all the tools that worked up to 4.82 with this FW. (PS3Xploit Tools < here's the latest ps3xploit that works on this FW.)
  4. 4. You can always go back to the real OFW 4.84 if you wish.

To all scener's and developers

Please update the HAN toolbox or any xml that can support 4.84 if anyone's available.

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