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NoiES 1.2

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A "noice" NES emulator.

Written to dive deeper into emulator programming.

by Hydr8gon.




Que novedades incluye la versión 1.2



  • -Fixed incorrect cycle timings on CPU instructions
  • -Implemented mappers 7 and 15
  • -Implemented all illegal CPU instructions
  • -Added crop overscan setting
  • -Added 3DS build (too slow to be worth releasing)


  • -Improved the UI font
  • -Added new UI selector, styled like the one from the Switch UI
  • -Added complete UI touch control, including scrolling and button presses when touching the labels in the corner
  • -Added support for mapping multiple controls to a single button, as well as clearing mappings
  • -Added support for player 2 input using a second controller
  • -Added aspect ratio setting

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