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NxNandManager 4.1

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NxNandManager is a command line (and GUI) utility for Windows 7 & 10, the primary purpose of which is to copy Nintendo Switch content (full NAND or specific partition) from/to a file or physical drive.


  • Full NAND backup & restore (BOOT0, BOOT1, RAWNAND)
  • Copy from/to specific partition (RAWNAND)
  • Dump integrity verification (MD5)
  • Enable/Disable auto RCM (BOOT0)




All dumps made with Hekate are supported by NxNandManager (and vice versa).

NxNM also supports splitted dumps (such as SX OS's (emu)NAND dumps).
Split filenames should be :

basename[00->99].(bin|.*) or basename[0->9].(bin|.*) or basename.[0->∝]

Set the first split file as input

How to mount and open your Nintendo Switch's NAND ?

  1. Use memloader v3 to mount eMMC on your computer (TegraRcmGUI provides an easy means to do it).
  2. Open NxNandManager (CLI : add argument --list to list all available physical drives, GUI : File > Open drive).
  3. Select the mounted drive. You can now perform backup/restore operations.

by Eliboa.

Que novedades incluye la versión 4.1


  • Added support for mariko's BOOT0 (prevent autoRCM activation for mariko)
  • Added firmware detection support for 10.1.0 & 10.1.1 (CHN)
  • Fixed a bug caused by a nullptr when creating rawbased emunand from FULL NAND
  • Fixed segmentation fault in NxHandle destructor
  • Fixed a bug occuring when some bis keys were missing from keyset file
  • Output file handle is now correctly freed after copying


  • UI scaling implementation (many thanks to Chrscool8 for his contribution)
  • You can now close an opened file/drive from 'File' menu (to release file handle)


  • New option --crypto_check : Validate crypto for a given keyset file (-keyset) and input (-i)
  • Fixed a bug when displaying remaining time
  • Encryption/decryption for FULL NAND was broken, fixed

Note : NxNandManager.exe (x64) is now build statically to get rid of all these dlls.

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