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This is a tool used to dump NSP files from the games/dlc/updates you legitimately obtained from the e-shop.

This is done through obtaining a nand backup via hekate, the required console specific keys via biskeydump from your switch, along with other keys via kezplez needed for hactool. It also requires googling for eticket_rsa_kek.

For minimal ban risk, Delete your wifi connection profiles, put your switch into airplane mode, BACKUP YOUR NAND, run biskeydump, follow the instructions for running kezplez to get keys.txt, RESTORE YOUR NAND.

At the end of this, you will then need hac disk mount to dump PRODINFO.bin, and mount the SYSTEM partition.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.9


  • more ticket extraction speedups.
  • Dump .nsx file if the ticket is missing. Ticket title key will show up as "[TITLE KEY HERE]" in a hex editor.
  • Add Title keys to .nsx file and rename them automatically once a valid Title key is available.
  • Dumper will now work with Development units. (Was a side effect of removing correct master key verification hashes)

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