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Standalone GUI USB installer for GoldLeaf.


First run setup

In order to communicate with your Switch you must first install the libusbk driver. This only needs to be done once and will not affect your ability to send RCM payloads.

  • Download Zadig
  • Plug your Switch into your pc and open Tinfoil. Navigate to Title Management -> USB Install.
  • Open Zadig. In Options enable List All Devices. Select libnx USB comms. Select the driver libusbk and click Replace Driver
  • Your PC can now communicate with TinFoil. Leave your Switch on the USB Install screen.

Installing NSPs

  • Connect your Switch to your pc and open GoldLeaf's USB Install screen.
  • Open AluminumFoil.
  • Select an NSP and click Install.

Que novedades incluye la versión


  • Scrollable window panels to prevent the window from extending "into the abyss" #21
  • Publish configs for linux courtesy of @damageboy *
  • Window can be expanded width-wise to accommodate longer names. Also #21
    • Avalonia-based guis seems to only work well when built on the target platform. I don't have a linux pc I can install the Dotnet sdk on, but if anyone else wants to make .deb I'm happy to add it to the releases.