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Get My Bru 1.0.107

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AIO Homebrew downloader for Wii, Wii U and Switch.

Download necessary Wii, Wii U or Switch Homebrew all in one place. This application is written using C# and .NET 4.6.x.


  • 4TU
  • WiiBrew
  • Google's Material Design Icon/s
  • MaterialSkin

by DrHacknik.



Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.107


  • Improved overall performance
    • Made the downloading method Asynchronous
    • Improved the overall Extraction method
    • Improved the way App information is passed through into IServiceInstall
  • Improved the settings management a fair bit.
    • Improved cache management
    • Improved notifications
  • Improved the Downloading Results
  • Made it show the current percentage of the install.
  • The form is no longer disabled, rather the Tab Page is; removing any way to install more homebrew but you can still look at other pages.
  • Improved the First time use Management
    • Ensured the cache is checked before
    • Ensure the user actually inputs a drive; although the program still closes the settings :thonk:
      • Probably just a borked return; method.

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