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Switch Homebrew Toolchain Cmake

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Set of files to allow switch homebrew development using cmake.

I do not know if it will work with any setup so ill share my current setup so you can see an example. directory layout


Special notes:

  • The toolchain files have a variable (NX) to distiguish between libnx and libtransistor.
  • It's done by comparing the value of the NX variable: A value of 1 means libnx. A value of 2 means libtransistor.
  • Both toolchains have a add_nro_target function which uses the toolchain utilities to generate an nro from the compiled elf.
  • #stuff you may need todo to get the toolchain file to work under different setups/platforms
  • If you have trouble with CLion and WSL use the commented lines at the top of the appropriate CMake toolchain file.

by jfmherokiller.

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