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IMCUnlockLite 4.0

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This mod allows you to permanently add a internal ux0 storage (imc) to the PSVita 1000 by modifying boot data regions.


  1. Download and install the provided VPK file. If you are using ENSO NSKBL hack, make sure that the correct enso installer is installed (You can grab a universal one from here). DO NOT SKIP THAT STEP!.
  2. Disable all unnecessary plugins and reboot.
  3. Now, we will install the mod. Open IMCUnlock, read the agreement and press X to flash IMCUnlock.
  5. If you are a user of ENSO NSKBL hack - launch the enso installer and install enso (DO NOT SKIP THAT STEP!), otherwise - reboot.
  6. If your vita reboots fine - thats it, you can format the new memory via system settings!


Q: What do you mean by "permanent"? Does it stay after fw update/reinstall?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I update when a new firmware comes out?
A: Yes.

Q: Everything flashed fine, but i dont have the additional partition.
A: Reset tai config, and try again.

Q: Why the vita does a soft reboot when i remove/insert the mc?
A: Patches are applied.

Q: Whats the difference between this and full IMCUnlock?
A: This version is safer, and recommended for not-advanced users.

Useful notes:

If you want to disable the internal partition for some reason, just redo the process. Instead of removing, the internal ux0 partition is disabled (to prevent syscon from blocking the original memory cards after a user uninstalls it without having a sony mc inserted). You can remove it fully using IMCUnlock's 0mb option.

by skgleba.

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