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JTAG Content Manager 1.6

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What This App Does:

  • Browse 360 files on your PC by their real info, like game name and package title.
  • Upload files (XBLA, DLC, GOD, Avatar, Title Update) to your console over FTP with a single click. Files are automatically uploaded to the right folders.
  • Drag and drop files to other applications, if you'd prefer to use your own FTP client.
  • Organize a messy folder of downloaded content into 1 of 4 different directory styles. Restore the original filenames for XBLA and DLC files.
  • View the MediaID of Title Updates and GODs so you can match them, and search JQE and XBUC for matching TUs.
  • View the MediaID of ISO files. (Requires abgx360)

Advanced/Beta Features:

  • Scan the Content folder on your 360's HDD to a database so that while browsing   content on your PC you can see if it's already on your 360 or not, even if   your 360 is off.
  • Browse the contents of your 360 directly, using Freestyle Dashboard's SMB  share technology.

Please see the About box for credits and thanks. This app owes a lot to other  more talented 360 hackers.


  •  FTP Uploading now works with all 360 homebrew packages:    FSD,  xm360 and XeXMenu.
  •  If you get any error messages opening the program, install .NET 4.0.

Change Log:

1.0 -

  • Initial Release.

1.1 -

  • Bug fixes.

1.2 -

  • Library scanning changed from FTP to SMB.
  • FSD mounted drive support added.
  • Delete option for files.
  • Column and groups for content type.
  • Filter by  type in the filter box.
  • Filter box no longer requires a refresh.
  • Content indexing optimized, should be much faster.
  • Content organizer to sort  local content into proper folders with optional folders for game name and content type.
  • Checkboxes added to list for easier selection of files.
  • Shell integration: Add access to the app when right-clicking any folder in Windows Explorer.
  • "All Files" progress bar added to upload form.
  • Right click menu added to folders.
  • Correct size shown for GODs. Bug fixes.

1.3 -

  • XeXMenu now supported for FTP uploads.
  • FTP upload progress now shows real time KBps speed of transfer.
  • Visual queues for uploads and other multiple  file operations.
  • FSD SMB functions hidden behind a "Beta Features" mode to prevent confusion and to clearly mark them as potentially unstable while the FSD SMB implementation matures.
  • New DLL files so that MSVCR is no longer required.
  • Windows 7 taskbar progress during uploads. Warning and error messages made much more informative and friendly.
  • Minimize upload window during long operations, with a taskbar notification when the upload finishes.
  • Tool-tip help icons in the settings.
  • Content organizer saves output folder between uses.
  • Export a report of content files to a CSV.
  • Total queue progress bar more accurate.
  • Bug fixes.

1.4 -

  • Size column on upload screen.
  • Fixed size labels on upload screen, all  sizes listed in MB now.
  • Fixed bug in abgx360 detection.
  • Fixed bug that caused error messages when selecting files and uploading in some regions. 
  • More accurate speed during uploads.
  • Time remaining and progress percentage added to window title and tray icon.
  • Other bug fixes.

1.5 -

  • Content organizer now has 2 new folder options that include "PackageTitle" for placing each DLC into a separate folder by name.
  • Deleting GODs now deletes the full game, not just the descriptor file.
  • Fixed bug in saving content organizer output path.
  • Changed FTP timeouts to provide faster feedback on bad settings.
  • Other bug fixes.

1.6 -

  • Support for ftpdll Dash Launch plugin.
  • Patching/Unlocking of GOD files is now enabled.
  • Correct filesize shown for Xbox Originals and NXE Game Installs.
  • Xbox Originals made with ISO2GOD can now be uploaded.
  • Limited support for extracted ISO games: default.xex files can be loaded and their TitleID and MediaID are displayed, allowing you to search for Title  Updates.
  • Game demos are supported for upload.
  • GOD uploads now display the correct number of chunks when uploading multiple GODs in the same queue.  
  • GODs, Xbox Originals, and NXE Game Installs can now be organized.
  • Pressing ESCAPE will stop an in-progress folder scan, if you accidentally trigger one on a very large directory.
  • Other bug fixes.

by xamphear.

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