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Psvimgtools Easy FrontEnd 1.8.6

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This is a graphical interface for the PSVIMGTools Team Molecule / Yifanlu Which is a tool that can be used to decrypt and extract backup files PSVita (.psvimg) You just need to know the AID (QCMA Key) of the account that created the backup,

This works on all firmwares to date, including 3.65 / 3.67 / 3.68. 


Create a user or multiple users for each psn account you have. After creating a user, select an account. The tool saves the last logged in account, and can load the last used account the next time you open the tool! Every account created the tool saves in a sqllite database, being able to be accessed in the root folder "EXTRA" \ Config.db

Auto H-encore

FrontEnd for h-encore automating all steps with just one click All steps of TheFlow's work have been automated in this frontend, the steps can be found here: TheFlow h-encore steps To use the automatic mode below:

  • 0 - The tool checks if the game has been downloaded, if it was not, the tool asks you if it can download automatically, if you choose yes, you can skip to step 3

Step 1 and 2 are optional

  • 1 - Download the vulnerable DRM-free demo of Bitter Smile

  • 2 - After downloading, place the pkg in the path below inside the program (C:\Program Files (x86)\PsvimgToolsEasy\Psvimgtools Easy FrontEnd\PKG-h-encore)

  • 3 - select the account IDQCMA and click on the option "Extraction of pkg to h-encore" All the work was done automatically and now it's just connect the psvita with QCMA and pass the app to vita.

  • TUTORIAL in English GamersRebirthDL - Youtube

  • TUTORIAL in English REDUCE H-ENCORE SIZE FROM 240mb to 13mb GamersRebirthDL - Youtube

  • TUTORIAL in Portuguese RobertGhidini - Youtube

Extracting of pkg to NoNpDrm

Just download pkg, if you want suggestions there is a list in the file Download.txt, after download put your file.pkg in the PKG folder, if there is a zRIF add to the file ListKey.txt: ex: Title_ID;zRIF

  • List the Title_ID of pkg that are in the PKG folder
  • List the Title_ID of work.bin that are in the zRIF folder.
  • Extract the zRIF from work.bin
  • Extract pkg with zRIF, zRIF needs to be added in ListKey.txt together with Title_ID
  • Extract pkg without zRIF In the PKG folder, you have a list of suggestions for downloading from the Zeus list, with the zRIF already added to the ListKey.txt file. You need the NoNpDrm plugin in your vita.

PFS Decrypt

For decrypt Games, DLC, SAVEDATA and TROPHY including 3.61+

  • First you have to extract a pkg using the option "Extraction of PKG to NoNpDRM"
  • Put the extracted pkg in the PFS folder, and use the "PFS Decrypt" option to extract PFS from your file. In the PFS folder, you have two .txt files, one is GAME.txt and the other is DLC.txt, they contain the necessary ZRIF. You can add more ZRIF, just by adding the separate GAMEID + ZRIF separated by semicolons.

Automatic Clone PSP games

Added ability to clone PSP games, doing all the work, automatic

  • Copy the PSP game and sequence the renamed folder
  • Change param.sfo with new numbering
  • Extract the changed game.
  • Change the VITA_PATH.txt with the new numbering.
  • Recreate cloned games.

Automatic themes

List of themes that are included in themas folder, but you can add more

  • Theme Flatcons
  • Theme GraceUX
  • Theme Mario
  • Theme Nighttime
  • To add more, just copy your custom internet theme to the THEME folder

Automatic SQL commands

List of SQL commands included in the SQL folder, but you can add more

  • Package-Installer
  • RemoveFeatured-PSTV
  • Whitelist-PSTV
  • To add more, just create a .txt file with the SQL command and copy it to the SQL folder

Added ability to add custom themes

Automatic mode exploits:

When pressing the Exploits Automatic button, the program searches all PSP games in the PGAME\ID folder in a listbox, after selecting the game, should select which exploit will use VHBL or ARK, confirming the program will extract and recreate the game with the informed exploit Automatically, and add the folder of the chosen exploit, within the SAVEDATA automatically

Manual option for PSP/PS1

Extract PSP/PS1 The program will look for the PSP games in PGAME / ID and extract the game in a folder Psvita / EXTRAIR

Recreate PSP / PS1 The program will look PSP games extracted in Ps vita / EXTRAIR, and recreate in PGAME / ID

Backup Options

Extract Backup The program will look for your backups in Psvita / SYSTEM / ID and extract in PSvita EXTRAIRBackup

Recreat Backup The program will look your backups in EXTRAIRBackup and recreate in PSvita Ps vita / SYSTEM / ID

Manual option for APP / Games - PSVITA

Extract APP / Games The program will look for the APP / Games in APP / ID and extract the game in a folder Psvita / EXTRAIRAppGame

Recreat APP / Games The program will look for the APP / Games in EXTRAIRAppGame and recreate in PSvita Ps vita / APP / ID

Option for App´s

In this option, it searches all APP in the root of the APPGAMES folder list program in a listbox, and after selecting loads within Ps vita / APP Here are some APP options that you can install directly on psvita.

  • VITASHELL-VitaShell
  • MLCL00001-MolecularShell
  • PCSA00044-SKYPE

If you want to add more app, add it directly to the root folder of the tool in Program Files (x86) \ PsvimgToolsEasy \ Psvimgtools Easy FrontEnd \ APPGAMES

Special thanks

  • Team Molecule / Yifanlu
  • Motoharu for psvpfstools
  • Codestation for QCMA
  • DaveeFTW for cracking CMA keys. (cma.henkaku.xyz)
  • St4rk, weaknespase and everyone involved in PkgDecrypt. For zRIF string decode/inflate code.
  • TheFlow for H-encore
  • Hackinformer for pkg list and all its publications
  • GamersRebirthDL thanks for all your publications
  • Nukasnel / Bergot / Danilo / Codebreaker / chronoss09 for test

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.8.6


  • Adding the ability to do automatic updating when there is a new version.
  • Adding the ability to re-write the .sfo file after an exploit.
  • Adding the ability to update the QCMA database after adding an exploit to the psp game.
  • Adding the ability to clone games to list the games + exploits that have been applied to each clone.

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