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sys-netcheat 1.3.4

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This is an open-source cheat-engine for the nintendo switch.

It requires a hacked switch (recommended configuration is current kosmos).

Don't use this for online games! It'll ruin the experience for others and will probably get your switch banned in the process!


For some reason this may result in installed games no longer launching if this is used in combination with sigpatches.
If that happens running the 'Delete Common Ticket' option from Tinfoil and then (force) rebooting fixes it sometimes.

In at least one case running this with ReiNX (with sigpatches) resulted in all games on the storage being permanently corrupted!
Be very careful when trying out weird configurations. In any case you should (not just for this) make a nand-backup so you can restore from somewhere if things go south.

I am in no way responsible for any damage that may or may not happen to your switch!

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