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Killer Whale Cursor for Nintendo Switch 1.0.0

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This is a recreation of the famous Killer Whale Cursor flash app for the Nintendo Switch, made using only Devkitpro and a couple of libraries.

Current features implemented:

  • Use of motion tracking in the right joy-con and touch input to make the Killer Whale follow the cursor
  • Ability to reset cursor position by pressing Y
  • Ability to toggle between a front and rear view of the whale (basically changing the draw order) by pressing X
  • Toggle on-screen text for full usage of the screen by pressing B
  • Customize motion sensitivity, whale movement speed, and "flexibility" (how fast the individual segments follow eachother)
  • Customizable whale diffuse color, as well as background color

Planned features:

  • Loading custom backdrop images from the microSD card
  • Slightly more accurate motion tracking

by Voxel9.

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