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DaedalusX64 1.16

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DaedalusX64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows, Mac and PSP. The PSP port is noteworthy for being the fastest N64 emulator ever on the platform, achieving close to or reaching full speed in many popular titles.


  • Accurate but fast emulation
  • High compatibility
  • Support for PSP TV Mode - up to 720x480 output!
  • Active support and updates
  • Lots of experimental optimizations
  • And more!


To install Daedalus to your PSP, download the latest EBOOT.PBP release from here.

Next, plug your PSP into your computer and navigate to /PSP/GAME/. Create a folder called "daedalus" there, and place the EBOOT.PBP file inside. Place your ROM files in daedalus/Roms/ and they will automatically appear in Daedalus.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.16


This build brings many improvements and fixes from our hard working team!!

[+] Updated our toolchain which was provided by top-sekret, this provides GCC 8 and oddly has improved performance of Daedalus
[+] Make some changes to the job manager to improve audio performance, Audio is very stable now.
[+] Enable more fast memory copying

Most of these were contributed by z2442 and has made the PSP build amazing to use.

I (Wally) have been focusing on getting the PC version of Daedalus working as we can use that to further improve the emulator and hopefully further improve the PSP version.

The first target platform is Linux, I have moved from GLFW to SDL2 for portability and it doesn't appear to have any impact on the framerate however we don't have a framerate limiter yet and mario runs at.. 150FPS so it's hard to play. We'll have something working hopefully by mid-year as there's some other important things we need to pay attention to.