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PS Classic Mini Gui 0.1

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 This utility allows you to simply add your new games in a few clicks. I thank before all things the authors of lolhack and bleemsync for their work, I come here just to give simplicity in the use.

Previously you must have your usb stick ready with bleemsync already injecting to which you already have a file / GAMES / .This is where your future game generated with my utility will go.

#Added .bin games (only for now .iso are coming soon)

# .Cue generation

# Generation of the game.ini

# Generation pcsx.cfg

# Generate the .png

How to do :

  • Start Ps_classic_gui.exe
  • Select your Generate a game .bin
  • Select your game .bin
  • Select your .png
  • Enter Game.ini information
  • Select the index of the folder (this concerns the incrementation of your folders which is in your games directory to 1 2 3)
  • Click generate -> wait -> once finished go to game and copy the file index number to your USB Games /
  • Connect to the PS classic mini.

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