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PES Gameplay Editor (PES 2019 PC) 0.5

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Hi guys,
I am writing a gameplay editor for PES 2019. I have located all the variables in the binary file but some of the variables are not very clear what they do. I was actually going to make this a private tool but there are way too many variables to tweak (animation, camera, ai, physics, cut-scene, formation, tactics etc) and I realize allowing the community to participate in the tweaks might speed up the process(And I have a new respect for Konami).

I realize most of the values are mirrored in the JSon files and they have Japanese descriptions, Bing and google translate helps to some level but some of the text don't make sense as they rely on football and programmer lingo (Computers can't handle this well).

Is anyone willing to help in the translation Process?
I don't know the best way to coordinate such an effort, google docs or do we paste it in the forums?

I should have the beta out by Sunday.

Lastly. I only know how to edit the constants.bin which relies on importing, loading, modifying and then exporting the bin file just before the match load (strip selection screen).
In truth this is inefficient. The most effective way to edit this game would be to make an editor that reads the dt_18 file so the whole import-export process is made automatic.
The problem is I don't know the cpk file format.
If anyone can help me with this I will be grateful.

by avok23.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.5   See changelog


  • Added Combination and subconcept options
    • ctrl+w = close tab
  • Fixed some issues saving
  • Fixed some variable type/identifications (especially in basePosition and in ball)
  • Some performance improvement ballPlayerPlan & playStyle

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