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Wiimms SZS Tools 2.0a

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Wiimms SZS Toolset is a set of command line tools to manipulate SZS, U8, WBZ, WU8, PACK, BRRES, BREFF, BREFT, BMG, KCL, KMP, MDL, PAT, TEX, TPL, BTI, main.dol and StaticR.rel files of Mario Kart Wii.

The toolset consists of the following tools:

  • wszst (Wiimms SZS Tool): This is the archive manipulation tool : List, compare, (de-)compress, extract and create SZS, U8, PACK, BRRES, BREFF, BREFT and RARC archives. It is also a wrapper to all other tools.
  • wbmgt (Wiimms BMG Tool): This is the main BMG manipulation tool : Convert and patch raw and text BMG (message) files.
  • wimgt (Wiimms Image Tool): This is the image manipulation and conversion tool : Extract and convert graphic images. The file formats TPL, TEX, BTI, BREFT and PNG are supported.
  • wkclt (Wiimms KCL Tool): This is the main KCL conversion tool : Analyze, modify, export and create KCL and OBJ files.
  • wkmpt (Wiimms KMP Tool): This is the main KMP conversion tool : Analyze, modify, export and create (compile) KMP files.
  • wmdlt (Wiimms MDL Tool): This is the main MDL conversion tool : Decode raw MDL and encode text MDL files. At the moment, it can only be used for analysis.
  • wpatt (Wiimms PAT Tool): This is the main PAT conversion tool : Decode raw PAT and encode text PAT files.
  • wstrt (Wiimms StaticR Tool): This is the StaticR.rel and main.dol manipulation tool : Manipulate the 'main.dol' and 'StaticR.rel' files of Mario Kart Wii.
  • wctct (Wiimms CT-CODE Tool): This command supports the CTGP Revolution extensions, which allow more than 200 custom tracks in only one image.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.0a   See changelog


  •  - Windows version only: Update to Cygwin DLL 3.0.0 / 2019-02-16.
  •  - A binary KCL with different section order is accepted now (like KMP before).
  •  - The new option --repair-magics[=MODE] controls the reparing of missing or wrong magics of files and sub-files  by analysing file path and file extension. MODE is one of OFF, ANALYSE or REPAIR.
  •  - Command FLOAT accepts '+' and '-' to print the nearest successor and predecessor of the previous value.
  •  - New command: wszst VR-CALC: Calculate a VR increment for each given delta value (=VR_winner-VR_loser). Print results as table.
  •  - New command: wszst VR-RACE: Print a table with VR calculations for a race. Each VR is the current rating of a player. 
  •  - wstrt analyse StaticR.rel: Detect modifications of cannon parameters.
  •  - wstrt: New option: --cannon=IDX,P1,P2,P3,P4: Define parameters of cannon with index IDX (0..2).
  •  - New mode for option --patch-bmg: 'REGEX=list', where LIST is a semicolon separated list of "/REGEX/REPLACE/" expressions (POSIX Extended Regex). See https://szs.wiimm.de/opt/patch-bmg for details.
  •  - New command: wbmgt REGEXP: Test implementation of regular expressions.
  •  - New tool: wlect: Manage the LE-CODE (Leserattes CT-CODE) extension. TOOL IS EXPERIMENTAL AND CAN'T BE USED WITHOUT ADDITIONAL FILES!
  •  - Tool wctct accept LE-BIN files (LE-CODE binaries) as input.
  •  - Global option --le-code: Enable LE-CODE (Leserattes CT-CODE) support for all tools. It includes option --ct-code.

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