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Q-Encore 1.0.0

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Quick h-encore (or Q-encore for short) is just a modification of the h-encore by TheFloW.
It has same stability and functionality as original one, but lacks menu for automation.


  1. If you have no HENkaku installed or accidentaly removed at least one of their modules it will be auto restored.
  2. If you have no VitaShell it will be auto downloaded from TheFloW's GitHub. There is no force reinstall option.
  3. If you have no both taiHEN config.txt files it will be restored. Or hold R in first three seconds after start.
  4. SHA-256 of the system.dat is 1d3b765154d77a9765bb6dcfd51e57fc30e8aca83538f26b44106e0253b9daba


  1. You must install h-encore by TheFloW first!
  2. Copy provided system.dat file to your Vita
  3. Open VitaShell and go to the folder with file
  4. Highlight it, press TRIANGLE and select Copy
  5. Navigate to the ux0:user/00/savedata/
  6. Highlight PCSG90096 folder and press TRIANGLE
  7. Select Open decrypted, then TRIANGLE and Paste
  8. If it works without any issues do QCMA backup

I wish you a Merry Christmas.
And a happy New Year!

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