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Argon NX 1.1 Alpha

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Argon is a noble gas. "Argon" comes from Greek "Argon", neuter of "argos" meaning lazy , idle or inactive. Argon recieved this name because its chemical inactivity.

Argon NX is an immutable payload which is injected to your Nintendo Switch via Fusee Gelee exploit.


The purpose of Argon NX is to stay immutable, so you can always inject it, without caring about other payloads getting updated (Always use ArgonNX for TegraSmash, TegraGUI, TrinkedM0 ...).


  1. Download and unzip.
  2. Drag and drop argon folder on the sd card root.
  3. (Optional) Remember you can add your custom logos and payloads inside argon/logos and argon/payloads.
  4. Inject the argon-nx.bin payload to your switch in RCM mode using tegrasmash or TegraGUI.

How can it be?

When Argon NX is injected it automatically launches the payload.bin loacted at argon directory on your SD Card root.

If payload.bin is not present, Argon NX list all payloads located at argon/payloads, and you can select one of theme to launch it.

If you want, you can choose a payload logo by adding a 32 argb bmp(200*200) file named as the payload to argon/logos directory.


  │     default.bmp       # Default logo
  │     fusee-primary.bmp # Logo for fusee-primary.bin payload
        ReiNX.bin         # Will be rendered using default logo



The sd card files of the image are:

│       fusee-primary.bin
│       ReiNX.bin
│       fusee.bin
│       hekate.bin
│       payload1.bin
│       payload2.bin
│       payload3.bin
│       payload4.bin


This payload will chainload any CFW or payload.

Some users reported issuses when chainloading SX OS. But with Atmosphere out there... who wants SXOS? 


  1. Config file to manage tabs titles and argon sd card directory tree.
  2. More tools inside tools tab.


  • devkitPro for the devkitA64 toolchain and libnx support.
  • naehrwert and st4rk for the original hekate project and its hwinit code base.
  • CTCaer for the continued hekate CTCaer Mod.
  • SciresM, TuxSH and hexkyz for the base hwinit code of Argon NX

by Guillem96.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.1 Alpha


  • Fixing critical bug. Now ArgonNX launches using any payload sender.
  • Argon now is composed by 2 payloads (2 stages).
  • First stage configures hardware
  • Second stage loads the GUI
  • Bootlogo/splash and wait until GUI is loaded.
  • Improve system stability to enhance user experience.

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