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LaunchELF is a file manager program for the PlayStation 2.

The original LaunchELF project was by Mirakichi, who worked on versions prior to v3.41.
After Mirakichi stopped working on LaunchELF, E P and dlanor worked on unofficial LaunchELF (uLaunchELF) up to v4.42d.
Due to real-life commitments, both E P and dlanor have been on a hiatus for quite a few years. Double-unofficial LaunchELF (wLaunchELF) is a new project by AKuHAK and SP193 that continues to bring new updates to our favourite file manager to the PlayStation 2.

The first stable release is slated to be LaunchELF v4.50, to mark the start of a new line of builds. As of today, we are still updating and fixing LaunchELF, so we will appreciate constructive comments and feedback about the quality and functionality of LaunchELF.

While E P and dlanor have not officially declared that they won't be ever coming back to continue work on uLaunchELF, I have decided to create a new thread in order to avoid cluttering their thread with posts regarding new bugs that are caused by the (rather invasive) work on the code.

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