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Nor Inspector 0.0.1

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I was working on this application for a little while now. By its release, it doesnt mean others should stop their work.

Keep up the good work !

Coded in C# - Requires .NET Framework 2.0


  • * Drag'n'drop your dumps!
  • * Drag'n'drop Core OS / Revoke Package to replace!
  • * Diplay of general informations 
  • * Additional reverse engineering related information
  • * Tree View of your Nor Dump
  • * Extract Option for contents
  • * Verification of Operating System Files
  • * Hex-Region Viewer
  • * Byte reverse dumps supported
  • * Error Logging in Status-Tab (OK/ERR)
  •   "The Tab is green, the dump is clean!"


+ ps3devwiki people for their hard work and still updating every day ! (so much names i cant write them all, you know who you are ! :o)

P.S.: This is just the beginning. I'm planning to add alot more stuff. To be continued....

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