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melonDS 0.8.2

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Emulador de Nintendo 3DS para Windows y Linux.

How to use

melonDS requires BIOS/firmware copies from a DS. Files required:

  • bios7.bin, 16KB: ARM7 BIOS
  • bios9.bin, 4KB: ARM9 BIOS
  • firmware.bin, 128/256/512KB: firmware

Firmware boot requires a firmware dump from an original DS or DS Lite. DS firmwares dumped from a DSi or 3DS aren't bootable and only contain configuration data, thus they are only suitable when booting games directly.

Possible firmware sizes:

  • 128KB: DSi/3DS DS-mode firmware (reduced size due to lacking bootcode)
  • 256KB: regular DS firmware
  • 512KB: iQue DS firmware

DS BIOS dumps from a DSi or 3DS can be used with no compatibility issues. DSi BIOS dumps (in DSi mode) are not compatible. Or maybe they are. I don't know.

As for the rest, the interface should be pretty straightforward. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask, though!


  • Martin for GBAtek, a good piece of documentation
  • Cydrak for the extra 3D GPU research
  • All of you comrades who have been testing melonDS, reporting issues, suggesting shit, etc

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.8.2


  • fix GL renderer not working at all on certain setups (RSDuck)
  • add 32bit writes to certain IO ports (fixes some freezes)
  • OpenGL: disable vsync under Windows
  • fix bug when mapping a joystick axis but no button
  • set kMaxIterationCycles to 64 (old value 16)
  • fix potential crash when pressing Escape with menus opened
  • OpenGL: remove shitty hack
  • OpenGL: better lines
  • fix potential crash when closing emu