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Kip Select 3.0.9

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This is a WIP kip manager for atmosphere's fusée launcher, this homebrew will not work with Kosmos, or any other pack that boots from hekate, while it will run it wont do anything as hekate controls what kips load in those packs. This homebrew is intended only for use with 'vanilla' atmosphere, launched with fusée.

How To Use

This howmebrew enables and disables kips by moving them between the /atmosphere/kips/ folder and an added folder called /atmosphere/kips_disabled/. Since fusée only checks the kips folder on boot, anything in kips_disabled gets ignored. The homebrew automatically creates the required folders (/atmosphere/kips/ & /atmosphere/kips_disabled/) if they are missing, all you need to do is make sure your kips are in one of the two folders before launching. The .nro has no other special requirements and should be launchable from anywhere (although simply placing it in /switch/ is recommended).

This homebrew also now supports BCT.ini editing on atmosphere version 0.8.1+

Current changeable values are debugmode and debugmode_user, both required for using a cheat engine such as sys-netcheat.


This homebrew only supports a maximum of 32 kips, attempting to use more will result in a error and possibly even a console hard crash.

Try and name your kips something reasonable, the program should be able to work with any file name the sdcard fs supports but naming your kip with emoji's isn't going to help.

I have no idea how safe this is to use on exFat, it shouldn't corrupt anything as all file operations are correctly closed, but should isn't won't, please be careful.

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.0.9


  • Fixed incorrectly displayed Atmosphere versions.
  • Center the detail window header.
  • Add a size limit to the detail window header so the text doesn't bleed off the screen.
  • Redo error.cpp/h to make adding new errors easier.
  • Properly throw a error if a non 200 HTTP response is received.
  • Clarify curl errors.
  • Fix reboot to Atmosphere code, it should no longer need to cause a console crash.
  • Fixed quite a few spelling errors.

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