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RCMReboot 1.0f

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RCMReboot by hippy dave. Reboots your Switch into RCM. Clever name, I know.

natinusala & ctcaer pointed out that Atmosphere's method to reboot to RCM, and therefore the method used by this app, does not properly shutdown HOS so there is some unquantified risk of file corruption. Still use at your own risk on fat32, but just don't use it on exfat please.

Intended for use on Switches that don't have AutoRCM installed.

This uses a new feature added to exosphere in Atmosphere 0.8.1, so it won't work in other CFWs unless they add it in a compatible way. Also Atmosphere 0.8.1 got a silent update with a bug fix to get this feature working, so if you already downloaded it before sometime on 1st Dec you might need to update it again (if it crashes with an orange screen instead of going to RCM, you need to update). There's a commit hash in the filename, make sure you have atmosphere-0.8.1-master-bd76e73 (or if you're living in the future, Atmosphere 0.8.2 or higher will be fine too). It sounds like it currently only works if you load Atmosphere using fusee-primary.bin, not if you use hekate to load Atmosphere as separate files (using hekate to load fusee-primary.bin is ok). This will likely be fixed when hekate is updated.

There are two versions included in the zip, each available as an .nro (put it in its folder inside the "switch" folder on the root of your sd card) and as an installable .nsp (install with the stupidly-named installer of your choice).

  • - RCMRebootInstant will reboot to RCM as soon as it loads.
  • - RCMReboot will give you a 5 second countdown with a chance to change your mind.

The reason RCMReboot is a much bigger file than the Instant version is that I used cpasjuste's cross2d library to put stuff on screen, mostly because I've been using it for the other project I'm working on and it saved me time. Sweet library, check it out.

Credits to cpasjuste for the aforementioned cross2d, re.lax for nro2nsp (which uses hacbrewpack by the-4n), SciresM for Atmosphere, libnx, and for fixing the bugs in them I found while making this, and everyone else who worked on Atmosphere, libnx, devkitpro and all that good stuff.

Source included for peace of mind, and in case of licence requirement. If I've got anything horribly wrong with licensing or credits just let me know. If you want to build it yourself you'll need libnx updated with the latest commit (which isn't in a release build at the time of writing), and to figure out the cross2d setup for the non-Instant version.

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