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Competition Kit Server for PTE (PES 2019 PC) 2.5

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This is a Competition Kit Server to be able to have specific kits/fonts for every competition automatically switched.

  • Update for the PTE Version 3.0
  • Features new UCL/USC/UEL Kit Updates for Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and more
  • Promotion/Relegation Fonts for some leagues added (excluding the UCL/UEL Teams)

Minimum version of Sider required: 5.1.1

* doesn’t need previous version.

Installation (PTE Patch):

  • Unpack the archive into your PES2019 folder.

Optional: Customize map_competitions.txt files to add more competition kit folders in content\comp_kit-server folder  (more instructions can be found inside .txt file).

by Cesc.

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