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WiiFlow Lite 5.0.1

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WiiFlow Lite is a wii homebrew app used to display and launch your games and apps stored on a USB device or SD card plugged into a Wii or Wii U in Wii mode. The games and apps are displayed in cover flow style display.


Simply download the latest release and extract it to your apps/wiiflow_lite folder on SD or USB HDD. SD is recommended. Your device should be formatted to FAT32.

wfl_as_wiiflow should be extracted to apps/wiiflow folder.


To start WiiFlow Lite you will need the Homebrew Channel or a WiiFlow Lite forwarder channel installed on your Wii or vWii system menu.

Que novedades incluye la versión 5.0.1


  • compiled with ppc r30 and libogc 1.8.19 to make sure dosbox wii plugin works.
  • sourceflow small_covers can now go in a subfolder with the same name as the theme. which makes them change when the theme is changed.
  • added notification messages when you delete a cover or banner on manager cover banner menu.
  • download cover menu changes: title is now 'Downloads'. removed 'missing' button and changed 'all' to 'download' because there was no difference between all and missing. it always downloads missing covers.
  • fixed downloading covers, wiitdb.zip, banners, and cheat files.
  • fixed the progress bar and percentage when downloading covers.
  • fixed reload cache when using wii, gc, and channels plugins in plugin view.
  • fixed plugin view to properly remember last game selected when using wii, gc, and channel plugins.
  • fixed default theme name no longer all caps.
  • fixed the deault text of channels type setting on pg 3.
  • fixed various settings on main config pgs 7 thru 11 to show yes, no , on, off correctly.
  • fixed unused parameter warning in sys.c when compiling

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