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WiiFlow Lite 5.4.6

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WiiFlow Lite is a wii homebrew app used to display and launch your games and apps stored on a USB device or SD card plugged into a Wii or Wii U in Wii mode. The games and apps are displayed in cover flow style display.



Simply download the latest release and extract it to your apps/wiiflow_lite folder on SD or USB HDD. SD is recommended. Your device should be formatted to FAT32.

wfl_as_wiiflow should be extracted to apps/wiiflow folder.


To start WiiFlow Lite you will need the Homebrew Channel or a WiiFlow Lite forwarder channel installed on your Wii or vWii system menu.

Que novedades incluye la versión 5.4.6



  • fix for setting game IOS that was broken in last release


  • Changes:
    • sourceflow only shows cache covers progress bar if 1 or more cached covers are missing.
    • fixed cache covers progress bar to not show if a plugin has no roms.
    • fixed source on start to only work if their is a source menu. (although can be set to on in settings but it will not work)
    • fixed sourceflow on start to remove quick flash of green screen.
    • fixed startup for wiivc (although untested).
    • made minor changes to cios loading on startup.
    • fixed if wiiflow fails on startup to not exit to HBC unless booted from HBC.
    • cleaned up some of game cios loading.
  • Blackb0x commits:
    • updated wolfSSL.
    • optimized the splash and wait images.
    • fixed patching video mode for PAL games when using progressive scan.


  • fixed crash when pressing 1/x or 2/y buttons (change coverflow layout) when no covers are loaded.
  • fixed hiding the wait loading animation when using source menu on start.
  • fixed exiting source menu on start via B button so covers show properly.
  • fixed launching GC games via devolution. (if you still use it)
  • fixed deleting wii games so that all the wbfs files are deleted.
  • fixed using homebrew icon.png's with transparency as covers for smallbox by restoring some old code I didn't understand.
  • fixed a potential issue if using the source select icon on main screen with no source menu.
  • added 'no games found in {roms folder path}' if wiiflow doesn't find any roms for a plugin. This will let you know where wiiflow and the plugin are looking for the roms.
  • spanish and korean languages updated. thanks DDinghoya and CrewMdk!
  • fixed missing cacheing covers for real nand channels if you add covers manually and do reload cache.
  • set riitag url to use https
  • prevent crash caused by debug logging when using gamercards
  • support paletted png images
  • optimized wiiflow images and converted all jpg to png because using png images seems to consume less memory
  • covers and banners download faster now
  • added check for incomplete downloads before saving. Downloads should only fail like this if your WiFi signal is poor, your internet connection is awful or the server is experiencing issues.
  • fixed video mode patching for PAL games.
  • tried fixing cacheing covers after downloading them. works better but still might not create cached covers. It's a low free mem2 error if using rhapsodii shima theme and having a lot of games. if covers do not appear after downloading then i suggest rebooting wiiflow and doing reload cache first thing or switch to wiiflow's default theme and then download the covers and then switch back to rhapsodii shima theme.


  • fixed cheat menu that was broken in v5.4.2


  • reverted change in 5.4.1 that made video output a little blurry.
  • reverted change in 5.4.0 that may be the reason some users have issues loading games from sd card. especially on vWii.
  • changed wiinertag to riitag and cleaned up code for it.
  • removed dutag
  • changed optimmization from from -os to -o2 to hopefully compile better.
  • other minor code cleanup.


  • fixed cacheing scummvm covers
  • fixed setting scummvm cover's color via plugin
  • now scummvm list is cached like all the other lists. but still does not use custom titles or titles from the plugins data xml.
  • fixed the random bug where covers sometimes were not cached.
  • fixed minor memory leaks via gametdb.cpp
  • fixed an issue with using custom backgrounds via source menu.
  • added the ability to move to next and previous game while on game info menu by using the controllers '+' and '-' buttons
  • added the ability to launch a game directly from the game info menu by pressing 'A' on the controller.
  • added the abilty to launch super smash bros melee via nintendont slippi. manually edit wiiflow_lite.ini by adding use_slippi=yes under [GAMECUBE]. google nintendont slippi and slippi project to learn about it.


  •  added option to have separate plugin categories and normal (Wii) categories in categories_lite ini. Normal categories go under [GENERAL] and plugin categories go under [PLUGINS]. Plugin categories will show when viewing plugin games and normal categories will show when not viewing plugin games. The only problem is when you combine normal games with plugin games ... the categories menu will show plugin categories only. I haven't got a solution to that issue yet. Note: If you have your plugin games currently working with the normal categories then don't worry they will still work. you don't have to copy the [GENERAL] section and rename it to [PLUGINS].
  •  Now only disc 1 of double disc Gamecube games is added to gamelist. Disc 2 are skipped and no longer need to be hidden with a hidden category. double disc games will ask on launch which disc to use.
  •  added extremes 480p pixel patch via leseratte's usbloader gx code. only for wii games. there is a global default setting in main settings pg 13 and each game has a setting on page 5 that can be default, off, or on.
  •  now compiled with the 480p pixel patch applied to libogc.a 
  •  Plugin game list generator now gets rom title and ID from wiimpathy's plugins database files. a 'reload cache' will need to be done for each plugin source so the title and ID can be added to the current cached list. custom titles still work and will override plugin database files. 
  •  added 'use plugin database titles" option to pg 13 of main settings. defaults to YES. set to NO if you do not want to use titles from the plugin database files. All cached lists will be deleted to be remade with the new titles.
  •  added 'covers box mode' option to pg 13 of main settings. defaults to ON. set to OFF if you want to use only flat covers. does not apply to sourceflow, homebrew flow, and plugins with box mode set.
  •  Fixed multiple GPT partition numbering (untested). Taken from USB Loader gx. thanks to cyan!
  •  fixed GPT partition size detection. Thanks blackb0x and cyan!
  •  added 'back_tier' as a source menu button option. in case you would like to show a up or back arrow to return to previous tier.
  •  changed 'source menu on start' to always start on base tier.
  •  added source menu ini option to set flow layout number. under [general] add flow=#. this also applies to tiers.
  •  added Nintendont BBA emulation and Net Profile options to Game Settings.
  •  On Home Menu replaced Install with Shutdown (power off) option which asks if Full Shutdown or Standby mode.
  •  added prefer_usb option for Wii and GameCube games. when set to yes their partition will be set to USB if USB is connected otherwise set to SD.
  •  added tls support by adding wolfssl. this allows wiiflow to download from secure websites and https addresses. This fixed downloading cheats. thanks to blackb0x!
  •  added the missing checkbox selected images with light blue border. thanks gingerbeardman matt!
  •  removed source menu multi source. with the new tiers and autoboot and other stuff it became too hard and complicated to code for source menu multi source. if you still want multi source use the 'Select Plugin' menu and add the wii, gc, channels, and homebrew plugins.
  •  now if favorites or categories are on when you launch a game they will be on upon returning to wiiflow.
  •  added snapshot display for current game. snapshot is displayed where the mini banner normally shows. use wiimpathy's database files and images for the snapshots. note: the width and height is 25% smaller than the one shown in the game info menu.
  •  mapped classic controller + and - buttons to work like wiimote + and - instead of using the classic controller L and R buttons. makes more sense to me.
  •  skip 'samples' folder which is sometimes in roms folder. this prevents the samples zip from being added to the roms list.
  •  fixed box mode for plugins. now each plugin can have box mode on (1), off (0), or default (-1). default is the GENERAL box mode setting in wfl ini. if the boxmode= line is missing from plugin it will use the default.
  •  added auto hide buttons option for main screen and game selected screen. when set to no those buttons don't hide and display all the time. defaults to yes so buttons hide unless the pointer is in a specified zone of the screen.
  •  Added shutdown to idle standby option on page 12 of main settings. Set to yes for idle standby (yellow light). wii u users leave off.
  •  added options to copy real nand config and miis to emunand on page 3 of emu nand settings. if set to 'on' then when you launch a emu nand game sysconfig and/or miis from real nand will be copied to emu nand before launching the game. this solves issue #90 to keep your controllers synced in emu nand mode.
  •  set wiiflow to default to using cIOS. if you want to use IOS58 go to startup settings and set force load cios to 'no'.
  •  now you can use subfolders to organize your wiiflow/plugins folder. make sure to adjust dolfile and bannersound paths if need be.
  •  now scummvm ini doesn't have to be in wiiflow/plugins. it can be in wiiflow/plugins/scummvm or apps/scummvm. 
  •  now platform ini is loaded on wiiflow start. instead of constantly loading and unloading it. platform ini is now used for gameinfo, coverflows, blank cover titles, and more.
  •  new way to handle the custom blank covers by Abz. blank covers now must go in wiiflow/boxcovers/blank_covers folder and must be named after their platform name via platform ini. they can also now be png or jpg.
  •  added using platform ini to get the proper coverflow from the current coverflow ini. requires the updated platform ini and an updated coverflow ini.
  •  removed the hard coded sideflow and shortflow.
  •  improved cover loader by adding 3 tries to load the covers. 2nd and third tries are there just to get any missing covers that didn't load the first time.
  •  homebrew list is now cached again. if you add or delete an app you must do a reload cache.
  •  homebrew covers must go in wiiflow/boxcovers/homebrew for full covers or wiiflow/covers/homebrew for 2d front covers.


  • added support for new Wiimmfi mario kart wii update. (thanks Leseratte!)
  • added global GC custom banners download to Downloads Menu.
  • now when wfl's language is changed it will auto do reload cache to update game titles.
  • updated German translation. (thanks Brawl345!)
  • updated Italian translation. (thanks Tetsuo Shima!)
  • updated Korean translation. (thanks DDinghoya!)
  • fixed wfl crashing when you don't have a source_menu.ini and a error message would show.
  • fixed progress bar for cache covers.

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