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hakchi2 CE 3.9.1

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This is a fork of hakchi2 (by ClusterM) by princess_daphie, DanTheMan827, and skogaby. The aim of this fork is to not only provide new UI features and enhancements, but also bring the core of hakchi2 up to date with the rest of the modding ecosystem (i.e. USB host support, SD support).

This application can add more games (game ROMs) to your NES/SNES Classic Mini or Famicom Mini. All you need is to connect it to a Windows PC via Micro-USB cable. No soldering or disassembling required.


  • Change any game settings (including command-line arguments)
  • Fill all game data automatically using included database
  • Automatically check for supported games
  • Search for box art using Google Images
  • Use Game Genie codes for NES games; includes Game Genie database
  • Automatically patch problem games (patches for many popular games included)
  • Upload hundreds of games at once
  • Return to the HOME menu with a button combination instead of the Reset button
  • Enable autofire A/B
  • Simulate the start button on the second controller (for Famicom Mini)
  • Disable seizure protection
  • Allows to install user-mods to add more features (even support for SNES/N64/Genesis/etc., music replacement, themes, etc.)
  • Allows users to expand the storage of their system (provided a USB OTG hub, or an SD breakout module)


So you were the first to hack the NES Classic Mini?

No! It was my Russian сomrade, madmonkey, who first published a successful hack of the the NES Classic Mini. He created the original “hakchi” tool. However, it was not very user-friendly, so I decided to create a tool which is simple to use by anyone--not only Linux users. I named it “hakchi2” because I don’t like to come up with names. So my first version was a 2.0 release ?

How do I use the tool?

Basically you just need to unpack it somewhere on your harddrive (installation is not required), run it, press “Add more games”, select some game ROMs and press “Synchronize”. The application will guide you through this process.

How does the tool actually work?

You don’t need to worry about it. But if you really want to know, it’s using FEL mode. FEL is a low-level subroutine contained in the BootROM on Allwinner devices. It is used for initial programming and recovery of devices using USB. So we can upload some code into RAM and execute it.

In this way we can read the Linux kernel (yes the NES Classic Mini and Famicom Mini runs an Linux operating-system), write kernel or execute kernel from memory without writing it to flash. So we can dump the kernel image of the NES Mini, unpack it, add some games and run a script which will copy them back to flash, repack, upload and execute.

However, the games directory is on a read-only partition. Therefore we also need to create and flash a custom kernel with a special script that creates a sandbox folder on a writable partition and mounts it over the original games folder.

This means that your original files are safe: you cannot delete or harm the original files in any way, even if you wanted. For kernel patching my application just executes other applications, which is why there is a “tools” folder.

by TeamShinkansen.

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.9.1


This version includes a highly requested feature, the ability to import games from the mini.

In addition, there are many new features and bug fixes.

New Features:

  • [ALL] Add "Open With FTP" button to save manager
  • [ALL] Add ability to import games from mini
  • [ALL] Add option to disable scraping on import
  • [ALL] Add split by genre to folder manager and refactor the genre list code
  • [ALL] Allow core selection for stock games
  • [ALL] Don't reboot the system after installing each mod with "Download and Install" #323
  • [ALL] Take screenshot on F8 press
  • [ALL] Unify release and debug builds
  • [SCRAPER] Auto-update game hash list on launch if a newer version is available.
  • [SCRAPER] Optimize TheGamesDB API requests when importing
  • [SEGA] Enable factory reset on Genesis / Mega Drive
  • [TRANSLATION] Add Latin America Spanish translation by ReyVGM
  • [TRANSLATION] Add Portuguese translation by kONNEN
  • [TRANSLATION] Add Swedish translation by yeager

Bug Fixes:

  • [ALL] Add dash to allowed rom filename characters
  • [ALL] Don't open files for writing if the stream is never written to, fixes error when files are marked read-only
  • [ALL] Fix art not updating when selecting a local file
  • [ALL] Fix bug where the repo list fails to load when changing languages #365
  • [ALL] Replace invalid characters in hmod file names, fixes issue that caused the system to run out of space
  • [SCRAPER] Fix corrupted hash lookup entries
  • [SCRAPER] Fix enable information scrape on import not checking/unchecking
  • [SEGA] Fix backup restore for sega systems and support compressed files.

Other Changes:

  • [ALL] Allow ShellTasks to be called without a tasker object
  • [ALL] Move readme_cache into the cache folder instead of user_mods
  • [ALL] Refactor folder manager split code
  • [ALL] Temporarily disable game genie until it can be fixed
  • [SEGA] Add hashes for MOON-rework-moon-es1-v0.8.3-1080US-7c6101c
  • [SEGA] Add powered by link to scraper dialog
  • [TRANSLATION] Update Arabic translation
  • [TRANSLATION] Update French translation
  • [TRANSLATION] Update Spanish translation
  • [TRANSLATION] Update Swedish translation

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