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ProxSwitch 0.2

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ProxSwitch is a simply Windows applications that creates a Proxy, capable of redirecting the Captive portal on the Nintendo Switch, so you can access other websites or even run webkit exploits on the switch, which might be useful as a possible entry point for hacks in the future.

Go to the setting of your Switch wifi connection and set up a proxy with the informations in ProxSwitch. After that, connect to the network, it will ask for a registration, validate and...


Sometimes the Switch web browser ask for confirm the certificate, said yes.

Don't forget to remove the proxy on your wifi connection when you have finished.

About the Qihoo false positive on VirusTotal.com:  http://www.tomsguide.com/us/qihoo-cheat-accusations,news-20867.html

Credits :
- Titanium Web Proxy by justcoding121
- Webkit Switch PoC by LiveOverflow

- Initial Release

- Add a Spoof of User Agent. For more see: https://udger.com/resources/ua-list and copy/paste string in the box.
- Add a WebKit Switch PoC by LiveOverflow. Use at your own risk!

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