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WAIN Card Dumper 2.0

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"Without an Interesting Name" card dumper for Nintendo Switch.

Place the NRO file in your sdmc:/switch/ folder and run with Homebrew Menu.

Requires FW 4.X.X or higher to dump card2 games


*Added UI 
*USB dumping support for SX OS

0.0.3, sources by Falo: 
* Added FAT32 dumping support in 2G chunks
* Added options to dumps without the cartridge's private certificate

0.0.2, sources by Falo
* Add the option to dump only the certificate
[some screenshots here]

First release
* Based on MCMrARM Switch game card dumper.
* Adds XCI file format dumping support to exFAT SD card.
* Dumps an exact copy of the cartridge's data to XCI (with private certificate)

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