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NFOViewer 0.3 beta 3

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NFOViewer is a small utility application for viewing .nfo, .diz and .asc files. These files are typically found in .zip and .rar archives that were once stored on Bulletin Board Systems, and were used to describe the contents of the archive. The files can be opened with regular text editors, but often contain block graphics that is not properly shown by regular text editors on MacOSX. NFOViewer allows you to relive some BBS nostalgia by properly showing the graphics in these files!

Please bear in mind this is a 0.x release and as such, the application is rudimentary and may not properly function on some files or indeed may fail to properly display any file at all.


As with most MacOSX applications, installation of NFOViewer is simply a matter of dragging it to your applications folder.

NFOViewer allows you to export files in rich text format which can be opened with TextEdit. TextEdit can not properly display these exported files if you do not have the font "ProFont for Windows" installed. This font is included in the distribution of NFOViewer as the file "ProFontForWindows.ttf" in the folder "ProFont", simply double-click this file to open it in Font Book and click the "Install Font" button to install it.

(Please keep in mind that the distribution of the font is covered under a different copyright agreement and license than this application, for further information, please see the documentation included in the "ProFont" folder).

Version History

• Added a preferences window for setting the foreground and background color used to display .nfo/.diz and .asc files.
• Changed export to rich text format to take into account the foreground and background color preferences.
• Added a document icon for .nfo, .diz and .asc files.
• Included ProFont inside the application, separate installation is no longer required for NFOViewer to work. (Exported RTF files will however only display properly if the font has also been installed)

• Fixed erroneous message that application requires Tiger to run.
• Added support for .asc and .diz file extensions.

by Kris Givels

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