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NNTools 1.0.4

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Tools & Libraries for Nintendo devices.


  • nstool - General purpose read/extract tool for Nintendo Switch file formats.


  • libfnd - Foundation library. Provides file IO, crypto, CLI utils, string conversion, etc.
  • libpki - Processes Nintendo's proprietary PKI.
  • libes - Processes Nintendo's eShop file formats.
  • libhac - Processes Nintendo Switch file formats.
  • libhac-hb - Processes Nintendo Switch file formats (homebrew extensions).


  • libpolarssl - Cryptographic functions (AES,SHA,RSA). Clone of polarssl (now mbedTLS).
  • liblz4 - Compression algorithms (LZ4). Clone of lz4.

(Copies of these are included locally and are statically linked libraries)


On MacOS/Linux/WSL run make.

For Windows, Visual Studio 2017 is supported.

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